Xiaomi Mi 365 — The Most Selling E-Scooter. Is It Worth It?

Xiaomi Mi 365 (side view)

Xiaomi is a company well-known for its smartphones and fitness gear. But in recent times, this Chinese giant expanded its retinue of products, launching its e-scooter. The company says that their Mi scooter is “as simple as it looks.”

The scooter got a Red Dot Award for its design. But it’s important to take note that a good scooter doesn’t thrive on looks alone. So, what separates the Mi scooter from the others?

The Xiaomi Mi 365 e-scooter is a full-on personal electric vehicle. It can travel around 15.5 mph (25 km/h) while maintaining a range of 18.6 mi (30 km). It has a lot of features that make it a great substitute for other vehicles, like integrated headlights and brake lights to say the least.

What Are the Important Factors Used to Determine the Worth of the Xiaomi Mi 365?

Most experts test the e-scooter by running it in various cities and other suburban settings. Here are some of the things that you should consider if you’re planning to buy the Xiaomi Mi 365 e-scooter:


Xiaomi Mi 365 (handlebar)

The majority of people who own this e-scooter found its riding experience to be pleasant. When they take turns, they feel that it’s both natural and responsive. If you ever rode a bike, you’ll find that its basic operation is almost the same, with added intuitiveness.

People who never rode a scooter before will find the Mi 365 a delight. After all, it will most likely take you about 10 seconds to get used to it. Even if you’re standing up, the upright riding position can become a welcoming change if you’re looking for a better posture.

But if you’re not fond of standing, you have the option of buying seats. Take note, standing upright while riding the scooter makes for a better experience if you’re used to sitting down.

The Mi 365 has narrow handlebars, making it easier for you to lane split. It also allows you to squeeze between vehicles in traffic. But you need to make sure that this activity is legal in your location.


You have the means of leaning into the turns due to your standing position. That makes the scooter easier to maneuver. If you haven’t tried riding a scooter before, you’ll find it a weird experience, but you’ll start having fun once you get the knack of it.

Another thing you should take note of is the way you start off the e-scooter. Unlike e-bikes, the Mi 365 scooter needs a kick before applying any type of throttle. It can take a little time to get used to since you need a certain amount of force to make the scooter start.

The Mi 365’s steering column is great for riding and turning since it can make 45°-turns to either side. But despite this, it isn’t as maneuverable indoors. For example, when pushing it down a hallway, you might need to lift the front to make sharper turns.

In comparison, walking a bike inside your home is easier since the front wheel can make a 90° turn. But the redeeming quality of the scooter is that it doesn’t weigh a lot. That means lifting the entire thing with one hand is not a problem.


Xiaomi Mi 365 (deck)

The Mi 365 has 8.5” tires filled with air — great for absorbing shock from the small road bumps. It has a decent performance when you ride it over brick and boardwalks. It becomes an annoying experience on cobblestone since it lacks suspension and it will become noticeable.

But for street and sidewalk use, the Mi 365 will have a smooth-sailing experience. If you want a less-bumpier experience, you can get airless tires for the e-scooter instead. These function by dampening the vibrations on various terrains like the above mentioned cobblestones.

The handlebars aren’t that long, but not uncomfortable. It has a great thumb throttle design since most people report that it doesn’t give them thumb fatigue. Compared to some e-bike throttles, your hands won’t suffer even when you’re going for long rides.

Despite Xiaomi claiming that the base is wide enough to fit two feet side-by-side, most people found it to be narrow. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work. The majority of its users found that riding it like an electric longboard is more comfortable.


The power of the front direct drive hub motor is at 250 W. But most people riding this e-scooter report that it feels more powerful. With that, they speculate that this listing is for legal reasons.

Riding the e-scooter on flat ground is an impressive experience, especially with its performance. But the best part is that it can maintain its power even when riding uphill. The top speed can decrease as you climb larger hills, but you can expect its speed to be at least 10 mph (16 km/h).

Take note, the scooter can support riders within 220 lbs (100 kg). Its hill-climbing performance might get impacted if the rider is closer to the upper weight limit. Regardless, the fact that its power doesn’t instantly drop off is already impressive.


Xiaomi says that the Mi scooter’s range is 18 mi (29 km), but a lot of users refute this fact. Most people who tested the e-scooter say that they never got past 16 mi (26 km). Take note, these tests included climbing an uphill terrain, so the vehicle might perform on its full potential when used on flat ground.

Regardless, performing about 90% of what the manufacturer claimed is decent. After all, it’s rare for the figures to match actual usage rates. Regardless, the 280 Wh battery is small, but its regenerative braking feature helps make it last.

The regen will start functioning at a very low level after releasing the throttle. It will engage stronger when you start pulling the lever for the brake. When you pull the level more, it will engage the disc brake.

If you want to get the best out of your range, make sure to time your stops in advance. This will prompt you to rely on regenerative braking alone. With that, you don’t have to spend as much power and prolong your scooter’s battery lifespan.

Build Quality

Xiaomi Mi 365 (handlebar lock)

This e-scooter costs about $499, with a nice build quality that you won’t regret. Its aluminum frame has this sturdy, secure feeling. It has a locking mechanism that won’t bend or creak while remaining stationary.

Its other components like the throttle, the wheels, and its entirety have this nice, integrated structure. With this, the Mi 365 doesn’t look or feel like an analog scooter with an added motor. It truly feels like a well-built electric scooter with a specialized purpose.

What Are the Most Likely Components to Break?

The Mi 365 is a sturdy scooter, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t susceptible to the passage of time. Some components of this scooter will likely break first, but you don’t have to worry about that for a long time. Take note, the more you use the scooter, the more likely it is for its tires to get flat.

Another thing that you should remember is that Xiaomi also uncovered a safety issue with their scooter. Some of the products they sold had a screw that could come loose, located in its folding apparatus. That results in the scooter’s vertical component to break away while using it.

The good news is that Xiaomi said it’s not a problem in the United States. It only affects around 10,000 units within the United Kingdom. If you ever buy the product soon, you can always check the Xiaomi website and enter your bike’s serial number to check whether it’s part of the affected Mi 365 scooters.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Xiaomi Mi 365 summarized:


This scooter has an award-winning design due to its eco-friendly technology. Its aluminum alloy frame gives both the support and comfort needed to make a smooth ride. Its entire build is high-quality, giving you stability as well as extra protection with its E-ABS anti-lock brakes.


The battery cover of this scooter uses plastic as its cover. It also has a low clearance level and its air-filled tires are susceptible to breaking in the long run. Its battery doesn’t have enough power for long-distance travel, so make sure to plan your excursions accordingly.

The Verdict: Why Is the Xiaomi Mi 365 E-Scooter Great?

Most of the people who bought this e-scooter found that they had a lot of fun riding it to work and for recreation. It’s an excellent option if you’re living in a city without high-speed traffic. You’ll also save a lot of money if your area has good bicycle lanes around.

Lastly, its speed can either benefit or annoy you. It’s limited to 15.5 mph (25 km/h), but it’s great if you’re looking to have a leisurely ride in the neighborhood.

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