Electric Scooter vs. Electric Skateboard – Which One Is For Me?

The world is getting faster and more people are using motorized transportation to abreast themselves with the demands of modern times. In selecting your urban transportation for your daily commute in the crowded city streets, the electric scooter and the electric skateboard are two viable options you can choose from. Your choice would essentially depend on your preference and skill.

If you want safe, convenient, fast and practical transportation, then an electrical scooter is good for you. It is easier and safer to ride and operate. But if you want a fun, challenging and stylish way to move around which makes you look cooler and more physically fit and skillful, then an electric skateboard is a better choice. For your guidance, this article will explain to you the advantages of each type of vehicle over the other.

The electric scooter and electric skateboard are often compared because these two types of personal transporters almost look the same. Both have a flat platform where you stand on your feet to ride. Simply remove the handlebars of a scooter and it will look like a skateboard. That simple variance, however, spells a lot of difference in how you operate and steer the two vehicles that will influence your decision of which one better suits your needs.

Electric Scooters are Easier to Propel

Both the electronic scooter and electric skateboard use electric motors for propulsion powered by a rechargeable battery. The technology is not new but the popularity of electric vehicles recently experienced a resurgence following the demand for renewable energy and the stronger call for environmental protection.

To operate and accelerate the e-scooter, you simply twist the throttle that is attached at the grips of its handlebar much like a typical motorcycle. The more you turn the throttle, the faster the scooter moves.

Electric skateboards, on the other hand, are operated using a remote control that is held or worn by the rider. You need to press or slide the accelerator button on the controller to move the board. In both vehicles, you need to charge their batteries regularly by plugging the device to a DC outlet. If the battery gets drained while in transit, you can still operate the electric vehicles by human propulsion.

Electric Scooters are Easier to Maneuver

The steering column and handles of an electric scooter make it stress-free and opportune to maneuver. Riding the e-scooter is achieved by simply turning on the handlebars towards the direction you want to go. Navigating is primarily performed by the hands.

Steering a skateboard however is a bit complicated as it involves foot skills. You need to press the deck with your toes to put your weight and tilt left or right. Moreover, you also need to bend frontward or backward during the turn to keep yourself balanced.

Electric Scooters are Easier to Brake or Stop

Both the electric scooter and electric skateboard have built-in brake mechanisms to decelerate, regulate speed and stop the vehicle. Stopping an electric scooter is expediently completed by pressing the handbrakes attached in its handles. Some scooters also maintain a rear fender brake which you simply step on to stop or control your speed.

Stopping an e-skateboard, on the other hand, is facilitated by slowly pulling the throttle on its remote control. Once you pull the throttle, the e-skateboard will gradually slow down. Note, however, that you still need to learn how to manually stop the e-board by power sliding or heading towards a grassy or pebble surface during emergencies. The brake system in e-skateboards may not be efficient if the battery in your remote control gets drained, or if you are traveling very fast beyond 25 mph (40 km/h).

Electric Scooters are Easier to Learn

Learning to use or ride an electric scooter is far easier than learning to ride an electric skateboard. Any newbie rider can hop on the scooter and ride it straight away. It has handlebars that you can hold on to while moving for comfort. Some e-scooters even have a built-in seat where you can sit down comfortably like a bike while riding.

In contrast, riding a skateboard is far challenging. It takes skill to balance yourself on the deck. You need to maintain balance while on the move because you have nothing to hold on to. You also need to learn how to master the handling of the hand-held remote control and coordinate your body movements while you handle the controls. A person’s progress in gaining experience or skills to ride a skateboard entails longer practice to attain better control.

Electric Scooters are Better in terms of Ease of Riding

In general, electric scooters are easier to ride compared to electric skateboards. Scooters are fundamentally designed for operational and riding ease. It has handlebars to help you balance. It may have a seat where you can sit down instead of standing for more comfortable riding. And all other functionalities like accelerating, steering, and braking are conveniently located on the handlebars.

Moreover, e-scooters have completes accessories such as horns and safety lights which are necessary when navigating in traffic or riding during the night.

In contrast, operating the electric skateboard entails learning how to balance yourself and synchronizing your balancing acts with the operations of your remote control.

Electric Scooters are Safer

The easier and more comfortable you are in operating the equipment, the safer you are in riding or using the vehicle. If you are not at ease in your riding, you tend to lose focus on what you are doing and thus become more prone to mistakes and accidents.

The electric scooter is safer compared to an electric skateboard because of its structural contraptions like a handlebar and a seat to help you balance yourself. It has components to help become more stable and steady while riding.

In contrast, electric skateboards are tough and demanding to operate. It requires skills to balance yourself and additional skills to coordinate your movements while handling the remote control. Despite its electric braking system, a rider still needs to learn how to facilitate manual braking of the e-board through power sliding and foot braking among others. Like the kick skateboard, the e-skateboard is designed more as sports equipment instead of urban transportation.

Electric scooters are More Convenient

An electric scooter is more associated with older people or grown-ups who are commuting on them. They use it as a practical way to move on short-distance routes such as heading to the bus or train station.

The popularity of electric scooters leans on the convenience and speed of traveling. It allows a person to go to places easily and quickly without sweat, which helps save time and energy which are important for working professionals who are very busy. It is practical for people whether young or old, who need to conserve their strength on more important things than consume their energy on walking or running.

It provides transportation convenience, especially when moving uphill or in inclined roads. It is also the practical choice to get you to places when you are in a hurry. You can speed up your movement with a turn of throttle and get to your destinations faster.

It has lights which make it serviceable during the night. It also has horns to warn others or call the attention of passers-by.

You can also put a basket on an electric scooter that can hold items when you go on a grocery or shopping. This allows you to carry more things conveniently without stressing your arms.

Electric Skateboards Are More Portable

Electric skateboards are generally smaller, lighter and handier than electric scooters.

After using the e-skateboard, you can conveniently carry it by hand or put it in your bag while inside a store, classroom or office. You can easily store the board under your desk or in your locker. And if you need it, you can just lay it on the ground and ride.

Electric scooters are also portable. They can be folded for easy carrying. However, they are relatively heavier and bulkier and thus, take up greater effort to carry and takes up greater space to store. You can quickly set it up the equipment if you need to ride it.

Electric Skateboards are More Stylish and Cool

Photo by Martin Nordström

Riding a skateboard is considered cooler compared to riding electric scooters.

The inherent danger involved and the skills required for using the skateboard makes it hip. The different tricks associated with the sports from ollies, flips, fakies and big spins, the complexity of these maneuvers make the idea of skateboards a cray for teens.

Skateboarding as a sport and hobby is commonly associated with adolescents including the hip rebellious rascals. This makes it the preferred ride for teenagers and young adults.

In terms of style, a skateboard gains an upper hand against an electric scooter.

Electric Skateboards are Better in Promoting Fitness

Skateboards are designed as sports equipment for physical fitness. Skateboarding is a sport that can effectively keep you fit and healthy. It entails the continuous use of your physical body that burns calories – from kicking off to start, speeding up, balancing yourself, and braking the board.

Special mention need be made on keeping balance because that enhances your equilibrium capacity. Riding the board would lead to greater physical endurance and flexibility. It increases your ability to withstand fatigue while balancing and steering the board entails bending and stretching your body which helps improve muscle elasticity.

Tumbling down and getting hurt is an integral part of learning the ride. Thus, it helps you to learn how to properly fall and become more tolerant of pain.

Finally, as a form of sports and hobby, some people consider skateboarding as a means to relieve mental and emotional stress as it gives them a sense of freedom and happiness while riding.

The Verdict

So is an electric skateboard or an electric scooter better for you? Make your choice!

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