7 Good Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

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When the first true bicycles were booming for the first time in the 1890s, people enjoyed the craze. It was a revolutionary invention that allowed movement between small areas. Today, e-bicycles are a far more modern take on the bicycle, and it’s catching on.

Why should you care about electric bicycles? Are there good reasons to ride an electric bike?

Electric bikes are effortless, providing better travel speeds with almost zero licensing. E-bikes are fantastic for micromobility, helping to keep you healthy while saving money. They can also save you money in the long run while keeping the world green.

Need we say more? If you’re still not convinced that you should use e-bikes, check out the reasons why you have to. Care about staying healthy and doing your part for the environment? These are for you.

What Is an E-Bike, Anyway?

Before we look at the reasons why you should ride an electric bike, what is it? What’s an e-bike anyway, and why should you care? The bike is green enough as it is, so what gives?

An electric bicycle is a two-wheeled bicycle design like a regular bicycle. Instead of relying on mechanical movement, it uses an electrical drive system (EDS). This EDS consists of electric motors, batteries, a drivetrain, and a throttle.

The motor helps with handling how the bike propels itself. Many e-bikes use high performance motors that rely on higher torque. These electric motors help drive the cranks, multiplying its power. This then allows for superior speed that you can never achieve with a pedal.

With such a motor, you get a better weight distribution and excellent handling.

Batteries provide power to the engine, allowing your motor to run the e-bike wherever you want to go. It’s one of the essential parts of the e-bikes because of the range it provides.

Many current e-bike batteries give you a range of around 60 to 75 miles (97 to 121 km). On the higher end, you can expect as much as a range of 248 miles (ca. 400 km). That’s distance you don’t have to pedal when you don’t feel like doing so.

The e-bike’s drivetrain is the part that converts the motor energy into performance. Better motor means faster speeds with higher torque.

By using gears, it gives you the power to traverse almost any terrain you want. Hills and steeper gradients are never a problem with a proper drivetrain.

The throttle controls how much of the motor’s power you want to use for your needs. Much like motorcycles, the throttle handles how fast you will go. It helps you control everything your motor does by regulating power intake.

Apart from these electrical improvements, your e-bike is like your regular bike. These differences make your already efficient bicycle into a micromobility powerhouse. How does it affect your riding experience?

What Makes the E-Bike Experience Different from Bicycles?

What electrical systems does to the bike is to cover for many of its weaknesses. For how efficient a bike is, it has disadvantages in many areas. With the addition of electrical components, the e-bike can conquer and travel distances.

Are there hills en-route to work? Is your city super windy? Is your destination 30 miles (50 km) away, and you don’t want to pedal that far?

Electric bicycles answer all the effort and range issues that a standard bike has. No matter the fitness level, age, gender, or even if you’re doing it as commute, e-bikes solve it for you. It does what the generic bikes can’t do, then does everything else better.

Even if you don’t have the right endurance anymore, electric bikes won’t push you past your physical limits. They’re going to boost what you can do.

All bikes give you freedom. They give you the power to move anywhere you want without the limits. You don’t have to sit in traffic and wait for everyone to move.

You control your last mile.

E-bikes make the entire travel more exciting by giving you more ways to access and move. It makes everything easier for you and more enjoyable. Even without all the recreational stuff, electric bicycles opens the city wider for you.

1. Electric Bikes Give Effortless Transportation

One of the best reasons that you would want to ride an electric bike is to give you effortlessness. A crucial feature of e-bikes is that it takes away the need to pedal your bicycle. It handles all the effort that needs to come from using a bike, especially terrain.

The weakness of many bikes come from their need for mechanical power. With your pedaling, you get to push the bike forward and overcome terrain. With an electric bicycle, however, the vehicle doesn’t rely on your power.

E-bikes use the power of their motors and onboard battery packs to propel the vehicle. Whether there is a rough incline on a hill or off-road, you’re sure to get the bike moving. Why should you care?

The primary problem for bikes stems from their missing accessibility options. For a bike to work, you need to coordinate your legs and pedal. Your lower body needs to take on all the challenges of the terrain.

Pavements. Rocky terrain. Distant locations.

With any of these, you tire yourself out. Sweating a little is great if you’re doing leisure biking. If you’re going to work, you don’t want to overwork your body before your day even starts.

With e-bikes, the motor does that job for you. When you want to pedal, you don’t need to force your legs to do all the work. Everything is effortless for you.

2. E-Bikes Are Faster than Pedaling

One of the significant advantages of electric bikes is speed. The problem with regular bicycles is they can only go as fast as you can pedal. If you’re looking at how people do it, pedaling your bike is much slower for sure.

An athletic person on a racing bike can go up to around 25 mph (40 km/h) on a level surface. An ordinary person can sustain this speed for about half an hour to almost an hour max.

This speed is the average speed of an electric bicycle. You can get an average commercial e-bike and go at this speed for a range of 35 miles (56 km). If you buy bikes on the higher end, you can go as fast as 50 mph (80 km/h) and even more.

What advantages does speed afford you?

A fast bike can get you from point A to point B faster. If you’re the type who wants to go and ride for short distances, a quick bike trip should do the trick. The problem is you likely don’t want to waste a good 30 minutes to an hour going there.

With an electric bike, you sit down and let the vehicle do the job for you. If you want to pedal now and then or take over anytime, you can do that too. It won’t waste your time moving around — whatever terrain it is.

3. There’s Little to No Licensing

The good thing about bicycles and micromobility solutions is many cities don’t ask for licensing. All you need to do is hop onto your bike, stay on your bike lanes, and go for it. There’s no need to pay for extra fees here and there.

The same is valid with e-bikes. Many local laws recognize electric bicycles in the same way as regular bikes. This allows for the same application of traffic rules and regulations to them.

No licensing means no need to spend on fees. No wait times needed because you don’t have to go to your local DMV. As long as your local state and city laws allow it, you don’t have to go through arduous licensing.

Of course, you’re still going to be subject to the local traffic laws in your city and even your state. Many electric vehicles (EVs) still need to follow traffic lights and cannot use sidewalks. This ruling is fair considering how fast e-bikes can go.

In areas where there is licensing, you can expect little to no hassle. Most cities would only need you to register your e-bike for theft protection, and that should be it.

4. Fantastic Micromobility Solution

Micromobility is a growing revolution in many key cities across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Micromobility is the ever-increasing category of light transportation. This includes many electric vehicles like electric cars, e-scooters, and e-bikes.

The concern of micromobility is that it tries to solve many of the significant traffic obstacles. In many American cities, it shows that the last 3 miles equate the most considerable time waste in transportation. Cities go into a near gridlock during rush hour, trying to get to the last mile.

With e-bikes, you can go and commute to work yourself. You don’t need a car to clog up lanes. Instead, you can use EVs like electric bikes to get to your work faster and away from traffic.

Electric bikes are fast enough to let you travel without the hassle of traffic. You can pass through smaller streets that cars and taxis can’t.

Many electric bikes are even ok with public transport. Subways accommodate bikes so you can ride out the last few blocks with your EV. This saves you not only time but money too.

An e-bicycle is a fantastic solution to traffic. It’s great for short to medium distance travel, which is what most commuters want.

5. Electric Bikes Work for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Electric bikes are excellent for all people of all ages and fitness levels. There’s no limit to who can use them! As long as you can hold onto the handlebars and balance yourself on the seat, you’re good to go.

If you have health issues that prevent you from exerting too much effort, e-bikes are the solution. They can help you travel at considerable distances even without pedaling. Sit down, start the e-bike, and you’re good to go.

Electric bicycles are great for older people. If you’re a senior and want to ride a bike, it has minimal impact on your joints. It can even be useful for your health as you get to travel and gain the mobility you lost.

Some people may have also lost their fitness. Due to many circumstances, some can’t bike for a long distance, making bikes hard to use. This can be anything from lack of exercise, an injury, or some chronic issues.

An e-bicycle can help you with this problem. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t hit the gym or even forgot to do any physical activity at all. Once you start riding your e-bike, all you need is to feel the wind against your face.

You don’t even have to use your electric drive system all the time. If you feel like you want to stretch your legs, pedal to your heart’s content. If a section of your commute is too hard, let the motors do the job for you.

Nobody has the time or energy to keep pedaling for 40 miles (64 km). An e-bike is there to give you the transportation that you need. Whether you want to pedal a lot, only a bit, or none at all, electric bikes do the work for you.

6. Electric Bicycles Are Cheap and Have Low Long Term Cost

Another solid reason why you should ride an electric bicycle is cost. Let’s admit it, having a car can be expensive, whether you have one or not. An electric bike will not cost you a lot.

For many Americans, a car is a quintessential mode of transportation. The United States alone has 272.48 million registered vehicles nationwide. The average ownership cost of a car goes at around $9,576 per year.

This is unsustainable, especially if you either live in the city or single. The cost will weigh you down and can strain your budget. With the rising cost of gas, you can expect your car expenses to get worse.

Electric bikes are low cost options. It’s super viable, considering the most common e-bikes cost between $400 to $2500. This difference in value is even bigger because of the cost of electricity.

Charging your electric vehicle is ultra-cheap. If you run the calculations, you can expect a great e-bicycle to cost you around a fifth of a penny per mile. This saves you a ton of grief from paying your car loans and the gas.

With an e-bike, all you need is to pay a one-time fee of a few thousand dollars, and you’re good to go. Apart from repairs and maintenance, you should not have many problems with your transport.

7. E-Bikes Are Eco-Friendly and Have Low Greenhouse Emissions

The last and most likely the best reason to get an e-bike is to save the environment. The United States alone emits around 76 million tons of pollution into the air. You only start one at a time, but replacing vehicles with EVs is the best solution.

Cars produce smoke, which then goes to the atmosphere and affects everyone. Cars can produce CFC and HFC, which can harm the environment. With electric bikes, however, you don’t add to the problem but become a solution.

Electric bikes emit zero greenhouse gases. You have very little in the way of carbon footstep, which, when compared to studies, is worse.

All you need to do is plug your bike in, let the motor drive it, and you’re on your way. You’re not combusting gasoline, which means you do more for the environment with your e-bike. With people picking electric vehicles over gasoline expenses, you not only save money but offer better ways to go around.


There are many good reasons why you need to ride an electric bike. Apart from the total savings in cost and lower emissions, you can make short range travels a cinch. An electric bike gives you speed, accessibility and even people you can go with.

Why do you need an e-bike? If you’re looking to go around your city with less hassle, an electric bicycle can do the job without fail. It will conquer any terrain and any distance without much trouble.

With an e-bicycle, you don’t have to pay for expensive licensing or usage fees. Whether it’s inside the city or from outside in the suburbs, e-bikes make everything more fun. E-bikes can save you all the money in the world and be fun at the same time.

E-bikes are experiencing greater acceptance across many cities, countries, and cultures. They’re a reliable means of transportation, helping you make your commute better. Who doesn’t love a healthy, fun, and effortless way to go around?

We’re sure you’d find the perfect e-bike for you, and you’ll be on your way to going the distance. Electric bikes are the ideal way to move around, and there’s almost nothing that can top it off.

We know you’ll enjoy riding one soon.

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