Where to Buy Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

So you’re looking to mod your current longboard and turn it into an electric skateboard unit. You’re not sure where to look. You notice an “electric skateboard conversion kit”, but you’re not sure what and where to buy.

Where do you start looking?

Let’s be honest. With so many different kits from different brands, sizes, and features, it’s impossible to make a “one size fits all” advice on conversion kits. There are some great online choices like Mellow, Meepo, and Revel. There’s more – you only need to know where to look.

If you think modding your skateboard into an e-board is right up your alley, keep reading. We have the best kit options and resources that you would love. From beginner level skaters to enthusiasts looking for something good, this is for you.

Why Convert To An Electric Skateboard?

Before we go into any resource, let’s figure something out together. Why would you want to mod your board and convert it to an electric skateboard? There are a couple of reasons, and the price difference should not be one of them.

What are these reasons?

Full e-boards are available on the market now. Conversion kits also have a nice following, and the pricing is not that far from full units. So, why should you get a skateboard conversion kit?

Customizability plays an important role in being a skater. If you’ve been skating long enough, you know that each boarder has their own needs. Everyone is unique, so what works for one may not work for another.

With a conversion kit, you get the best, personalized options available to you. E-board kits can be modular so that you can fine-tune the settings yourself. This level of connection with your board is something you would want.

Not only will a custom electric skateboard give you everything you need, but it can also help you learn more. It gives you a bond with your board and makes you a complete skater.

In today’s era where everyone can get a pre-made electric skateboard, a custom e-board is an excellent pick for sure. It makes that board your baby, and we know you’ll take care of it. So, is it worth it to convert into electric skateboards?

Heck yeah.

What Comes in An E-Skateboard Conversion Kit?

If you’re going for an e-board conversion, you need the entire kit. Every kit should have at least:

  • Motorized truck and rear wheels
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  • Battery pack
  • Remote controller
  • Charger

All these will come with screws, bolts, and optionally a riser pad to support the units and connect to the board. Depending on the brand, you can combine different parts from different manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a DIY electric skateboard kit for yourself, there are also a few factors to consider. Speed, range, comfort, and safety are some general areas you want to look at, together with how it fits your current board.

Depending on how you want to use your board, you want the right balance of speed and range. This lets you get more value from your kit. You also want a good balance of comfort and safety to make sure you enjoy the ride.

There are more technical considerations you would want to put forth. Weight capacity can be a reasonable consideration if you’re more big-boned than the average skater. Wheel type is also something you want to look at with your longboard conversion kits.

For first timers and amateurs, consider something with more fluid brake sensitivity. If you’re not a technical person yourself, also consider the ease of installation as a good baseline.

Where Can You Find Electric Skateboard Parts?

Where can you find your parts? Most of the kits and components that you need are available online. Amazon and eBay seem like a good source, but they’re not. Always go back to vendors and specialized e-board shops.

If you’re not happy with the availability in these online shops, the next best thing is to go straight to the source.

Many brands will have their website that allows for nationwide delivery. All you need is to go to the manufacturer’s website and find the e-board kits and parts for your board. There are many walkthroughs and instructions available that can teach you how to build one.

Within these manufacturer websites, there will also be technical manuals available. These can help you adjust the kit according to your needs.

Finding The Best E-Board Kit

Now that you know what and where to buy, which electric skateboard conversion kits do you need? Which ones are the best? Which ones would fit your budget?

There are super value options that you can pick if you’re looking to push the costs as low as possible. There are also top of the line kits that give you the best performance every time. Depending on your budget and skill level, you want to pick something that fits your needs.

On average, the cost of buying a decent electric skateboard conversion kit should be between $350 – $500. These will have a decent speed and range, which will not disappoint. From the lower limit, you can go up to change different specifications, usually the battery capacity.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Kit

For starters, the WowGo e-board kit is a sweet, affordable starter electric skateboard kit. Its design is for straight-up newcomers who want to start dabbling in electric board conversion. The parts are easy to swap around, and you will find different choices for your skill level.

With the WowGo, you have a pick between three types of battery packs. You have a 4 Ah Samsung battery, 6.4 Ah Panasonic battery, or a Sanyo 8.5 Ah.

The 4 Ah Samsung can push you up to a range for 12 miles (19.3 km), going at a 24 mph (38.6 km/h) max speed. This is a bit disappointing if you’re someone who likes going the distance. At top speed, you only get half an hour’s worth of runtime.

The entire kit is average but not in any way remarkable. The wheels have a solid construction that will be reliable in both manual and electric runs. You’ll find that the wheels can scratch and scuff more than the other kits, but they’re durable enough to last.

The kit uses 250 W dual motors, which is, again, decent for its price range. The brakes are reliable, and the acceleration is gradual, giving it good marks in safety. You can expect a smooth ride with the WowGo, with its superb performance at curves and angles.

The remote is basic, providing three speed modes. It comes with a wrist strap, so you don’t drop it during a ride. It’s a great value unit for the price.

Riding modes3
BatterySamsung 144 Wh / Panasonic 234 Wh / Sanyo 306 Wh
Range12 miles (19.3 km) with Samsung 144 Wh
Top speed24 mph (38.6 km/h)
Motorsdual hub, 250 W

Mellow Drive Kit

The Mellow Drive Kit is one of the upper-tier electric skateboard conversion kits available on the market. It’s a simple electric conversion system that gives you speed and power. It offers you more control and ride quality – and it should for its crazy price range.

Mellow’s electric skateboard conversion kit comes with water and dustproof in-wheel motors. They can run up to 25 miles per hour (40 km/h) with a range of up to 10 miles (15 km) at top speed. The charge time is a measly 45 minutes on a fast charger and hot-swappable as needed.

Apart from regenerative brakes and robust remote, the Mellow offers a three-speed setting. These are Rookie, Eco, and Professional. This allows you to acclimate to your Mellow Drive Kit until you’re ready to go faster.

The ride is smooth and comfortable, with a fast acceleration with added stability. The braking has a very slight learning curve but goes away once you get the hang of it. The Mellow Drive Kit is a pick you take if you have the budget for it.

Riding modes4
Battery99 Wh
Range7.5 – 10 miles (12 – 15 km)
Top speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Motorsdual hub
Price1330 USD

Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit

If you don’t mind some extra tinkering, another solid pick is the Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit. The Ownboard is a solid mid-tier e-board kit that gives you everything you need. It combines the affordability of the WowGo with the flexibility of Mellow Drive.

Ownboard uses a 5045-270 KV dual belt motor, together with other parts like a Samsung 30Q 9.0 Ah battery. It has a range of 14 to 16 miles (22.5 to 25.5 km) and a top speed of 26 mph (42 kph), which is substantial.

It also has a regenerative braking system and a 3-speed remote so you’ll enjoy the extra smooth ride. It can go up to a 30% uphill course without issue. What makes it a competitor is the multi-speed system.

Much like Mellow, Ownboard has a 3-speed setting. It runs from beginner, middle, and proficient depending on your skill level. These can give the right feel for the entire ride every time.

The only con of Ownboard is it looks bare and basic. It’s not weatherproof, and the kit is massive, so you need some time to set it up. As long as you follow the instructions though, you should be good to go.

Riding modes3
BatterySamsung 324 Wh
Range14 – 16 miles (22.5 – 25.5 km)
Top speed26 mph (42 kph)
Motorsdual belt, 650 W
Price500 USD

Meepo Board V3 Kit

The Meepo Board V3 Kit is a response to the community’s problems with the V2. The V2 was excellent, but it lacked a few quality of life details for many skaters. The V3 also got performance improvements that long term users would love.

The ESC is now more responsive, with less latency and instant throttle. The acceleration goes from 0 – 19 mph (30 km/h) in 4.5 seconds. This boost is almost twice as fast as the V2.

Even with the extra power, the push is smoother and works better in hills. It can also give the more expensive Evolved or Boosted e-boards a real competition. The extra torque can provide it faster speeds, even at steeper gradients.

The three-speed modes are fantastic, with smoother transitions. Newbies would love the new movement as the new V3 lowers the difficulty curve. Whether you’re using expert or pro mode, the board is super easy to ride.

Meepo also bolstered their brakes, getting a full speed to standstill at only 32 feet (10 meters). You’ll get three sets of bushings at 83a, 90a, and 96a, and they can be super tight. These can give you a safer ride while keeping a superb performance.

What surprised most of the community are the motors. The Meepo Board V3 Kit uses two 540 W motors with a Samsung 20R Battery. The charge time goes between 2 hours for standard and 2.7 hours for extended range (ER).

The board has a range of 11 miles (18 km) at standard and 20 miles (32 km) at extended. The top speed for the V3 goes up to 29 mph (46 km/h) with a weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg).

The Meepo V3 Kit is a superb improvement over its predecessor. If you’re a fan, you’ll love it for sure.

Riding modes3
Range11 miles (18 km) / 20 miles (32 km)
Top speed29 mph (46 km/h)
Motorsdual hub, 540 W
Price599 USD

Revel Boards Revel Kit

The Revel Boards Revel Kit is almost like Meepo V3 Kit when comparing specifications. It can reach 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed with a 10 mile (16 km) range on the standard. It is, however, a much more aesthetic and modular electric skateboard kit.

The system unit is cleaner and less improvised, with fewer nuts and bolts. This makes installation and assembly better. It even uses a Slide-In Battery system that lets you pop in a fresh battery when you need it.

It uses 1100 W Dual Brushless Motors, with a rider capacity of 264 lbs (120 kg) and an IP54 rating. The Revel Kit is weather resistant (IP54), letting you ride through puddles without worries. The brakes are also customizable, allowing for better stopping power for different weight ranges.

If you get the extended range kit, the Revel can get you up to 15 miles (24 km). Battery charge time goes between 2 – 3 hours, depending on the battery you use.

Why should you buy the Revel Kit? If you want something fast and powerful, the Revel Kit is the premium choice. It’s not only pretty – you get top quality parts at a decent price point.

Riding modes4
BatterySamsung 159 Wh / 216 Wh
Range10 mile (16 km) / 15 miles (24 km)
Top speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Motorsdual hub, 1100 W
Price599 USD

Unlimited x Loaded

Early July 2019, Loaded and Unlimited electric skateboards joined forces. With a seeming Dragonball Fusion dance, Unlimited X Loaded was born. This new partnership birthed three conversion kits: The Solo, Cruiser, and Race.

The Unlimited X Loaded conversion kits provided three different packages for every need. The Solo is the lightest and best for amateurs on a budget. The Cruiser is portable, powerful, and upgradeable. The Race offers speed and power for the pro riders out there.

The Solo uses a custom 840 W motor that can handle up to 240 lbs (110 kg). The custom Unlimited X Loaded battery pack has a range of 7 miles (11 km). WIth all these combined, the kit has a top speed of 23 mph (37 km/h) for robust performance at entry-level.

The Cruiser uses almost the same technology but double the battery. With this extended range, you can go a fantastic 13 miles (21 km). It uses the same IP65 specification for excellent weather resistance.

The Race is as good as it gets for the Unlimited X Loaded. 26 mph (42 km/h) top speed. Same 13 mile (21 km) range but with dual 1680 W custom motors.

What lacks from UxL is the specs. While they have some of the better, more robust kits in the market, there’s little variance in their options. Add a motor here, a battery there, and that’s it.

If you need something premium and upgradeable, the Unlimited X Loaded line is for you. It gives you a consistent experience that you will love for sure.

Riding modes3
Battery90 W per battery unit
Range7 miles (11 km) / 13 miles (21 km)
Top speed23 mph (37 km/h) / 26 mph (42 km/h)
Motorsdual hub, 840 W / 1680 W
Price769 / 1099 / 1349 USD

Psycho Tiller

Let’s say you’re super finicky with your kits, and you want to customize everything. When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. If that’s what you want, Psycho Tiller will be your cup of tea for sure.

Psycho Tiller lets you control the nitty gritty of your kit. You can change your motors, battery packs, decks, enclosures to speed controllers. Every part will be 100% handpicked and customized to your liking.

You can find sensored 270 KV motors, 100 a VESC with internal switching, 18650 30q packs, and more. You can even pick anywhere between a 10s3p to a 12s6p battery for that extra juice.

Psycho Tiller even sells complete decks from the kits they have available. This makes Psycho Tiller a fantastic pick for people who like to dabble with their skateboard. If you’re the type who likes the challenge and enjoys tuning up, go for this kit.

Psycho Tiller, however, is not great for amateurs. They’re not the best choice if you’re looking for something you want to pop and go. You might as well stay with the other picks if you need a quick and easy kit.

Riding modesVarious / Custom
BatteryVarious / Custom
RangeVarious / Custom
Top speedVarious / Custom
MotorsVarious / Custom
PriceVarious / Custom

Finding The Best Electric Skateboarding Resources

Looking for resources to learn more about the electric skateboards? There are entire communities of enthusiasts willing to help configure your board. For starters, our very own eDrive Planet provides guides and walkthroughs on different electrical vehicles.

DIYEboards.com and DIY Electric Skateboards provides the nitty-gritty parts. Subreddits like r/electricskateboarding and r/eboardmarketplace are active communities for enthusiasts. If you prefer traditional forums, ESK8.Builders Forum is the go-to community.

For people looking to dabble into e-boards, you don’t have to buy an entire skateboard. Electrical skateboard conversion kits are the solution, giving the level of customization you need. It’s best to look for skateboard conversion kits that offer the best value for performance.

See what kind of technical specs you need. A stable balance of range, speed, comfort, and safety is always a must with an electric skateboard. Check the internet for parts and resources when building the e-skateboard you want.

Start your DIY board now.

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